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Role of Honour

Seth Rup Chand Budhia hailed from the illustrious Nauhria family which has rendered and is still rendering yeoman’s service to humanity in general and education in particular. Seth Rup Chand was the worthy son of Revered Hukum Chand Budhia, a great philanthropist and founder President of D.S.S.D. Education Board which at present runs more than 17 S.D. Educational Institutions in Jalandhar.

Seth Rup Chand endeared himself to one and all by his selfless spirit, truthfulness, fearlessness and great moral courage. People honoured him, praised him and followed him. As President of Governing Body of our college, he gave a positive direction to this institution. Under his able stewardship, our college progressed by leaps and bounds. He served the institution with great dedication and sincerity.

Seth Rup Chand was a sober, gentle, considerate and kind-hearted person. He was a staunch believer in -Simple living and high thinking”. Though he was a great business magnate yet he seemed detached from worldly pomp and show. His outstanding success and popularity were attributed to his immaculate simplicity and sincerity. His lofty ideals and missionary zeal will continue to inspire us to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.




Pt. Prem Chand Markanda, a veteran educationist, a philanthropist and a renowned social worker of Northern India, after whom this college has been named, has rendered an invaluable service towards the building of the mammoth Sanatan Dharam Institutions in general and this college in particular. His name is intricately woven into the texture and growth of this institution-so rich has been his contribution and so inspiring his patronage. He is one of those rare dignitaries who have nurtured this institution with great industry and devotion.

It is a matter of great pride for all those associated with Prem Chand Markanda S.D. College for Women, that they had at the helm of socio-educational affairs, a man of versatile genius to lead them to their goal. He embodied Ulysses’ spirit of adventure and quest for knowledge. His spiritual strength was reminiscent of Rishi Markandeya. This scholarly sage devoted every moment of his life to promote the cause of education. His profound knowledge and rational outlook, his thorough grasp of our cultural values and his penetrating vision made him the beloved of one and all. Throughout Northern India, he was recognised as an intellectual giant.

Winner of the highly coveted President’s Award for excellence in teaching, Member Legislative Council, a former Senator and Fellow Syndicate (Punjab University), Pt. Prem Chand Markanda will continue to inspire us to scale great heights of glory. His excellence in education and dynamic initiative is unparalleled and future generations will wonder whether such a spirit lived in flesh and blood.



With great reverence and sweet memories, we remember Shri Dharam Paul Dada, the renowned philanthropist of Doaba region-former Manager, Governing Body of S.D. College for Women. This institution owes a great deal of its present monumental growth to the untiring efforts, dedicated zeal, sincere, honest and selfless endeavours of Shri Dharam Paul Dada. He has been the guiding spirit behind every Sanatan Dharam venture. With his original thinking, keen perception, quick decision making powers and enterprising ability, he guided the destiny of this institution with great ease and grace.

As a man, Sh. Dada possessed a magnetic personality; a head of steel and a heart of gold. His polite and winsome manners, his pleasant temperament, his humane and ennobling attitude, his judicious and honest dealings won him deep acclaim.

His readiness to help the poor and needy was expemplary. A sanatanist to the core, Sh. Dharam Paul Dada held aloft the banner of spiritualism in the present age of materialism. Our institution will remain indebted to him for his active participation in shaping its destiny. If destiny had given a few more years to each of the distinguished trio, we are sure they would have continued working incessantly for the betterment of S.D. Institutions and for the cause of humanity. They were believers in the message of Bhagwat Gita-the message of action and non-attachment. Their souls rest in peace in Heaven and keep on showering their blessings on us from there. Our hearts will ever cherish their memories and look upto them for guidance and inspiration. The loss caused by their departure from this temporal home for their eternal home, is irreparable; the void left by them can never by filled. We can but console ourselves with these words.

Men must edure Their going hence, even as their coming hither