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Best Practices

Practice 1

Title of the Practice
Holistic Development of Students’ Personality

Goal of the Practice
To inculcate appropriate values in the students in order to transform them into intellectually, morally and ethically sound human resources competent and skilled enough to be the Global Citizens and meet the challenges of the 21 st century is the main goal of the institute.

The Context
The college offers a variety of courses at graduate and post graduate level in pure Arts, Natural Sciences,Commerce, Dance, Fashion Designing, Cosmetology, B.Voc and B.A/B.Ed.

The Practice

  • The collegefollows the practice to involve the maximum number of students in several activities both in the offline and online modes to exploit their innate talents. The college Youth Club provides opportunities to the students to exhibit their talent in varied fields.
    2. Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability. Central Association – an apex body instills the values of Leadership, Discipline and sense of responsibility, honesty, duty consciousness and commitment in the students of the institute.
    3. The community oriented programmes such as Red Cross, NCC, NSS aim to promote feelings of Patriotism and Sympathy under the motto “Not Me But You”.
    4. The ‘Go Green club’ is designed to protect environment for years to come.
    5. The college celebrates all important festivals to promote a sense of unity in diversity.
    6. HawanYajna and SarswatiPoojan are preformed every year to pay gratitude and homage to the deity of Knowledge, Art and Creativity.
    7. To encourage spirit for sports, healthy competition and growth, the Sports Department of the institute gives sufficient opportunities to the budding sports-persons.
    8. To enthuse the students with the vibrant cultural heritage and with Patriotism, Morning Assembly is conducted every Monday.
    9. Last but not the least, the college motto ‘Do Your Job Well’ is the driving force behind the work- culture and success story of the institution. Doing one’s job with full dedication and sincerity is the best form of worship of God.

Evidence of Success

1. Evidence of Success of the institute is visible in the academic excellence that reflects in the top positions and merits bagged by our students in the university exams.
2. In the Zonal and Inter-Zonal Youth Festivals of the university, our students won prizes and trophies in a variety of fields.
3. Sports achievements in different categories are the indicators of the great performance of Sports Wing.
4. The successful conduct of a number of activities and events by NCC, NSS, Red Cross Units concerning environment health and social problems speaks of our success.
5. The institution has been widely recognized as a centre of excellence in the field of education as well as spreading humanistic values in the region.

Practice 2
Title of the Practice
Digitalization of Education and Support Services through Innovative use of ICT Goal of the Practice The institution creates highly interactive and conducive academic environment by innovatively using modern tools of ICT in teaching and learning process.

The Context
The institution is making its best efforts to create competitive academic environment by continuous enrichment of teaching and learning through the medium of ICT and other technological advancement.

  • The Practice
    The college successfully catered to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic by bringing its entire teaching-learning process online through the use of various online meeting apps like Zoom and Google Meet, instant messaging systems like WhatsApp and emails, and by the extensive use of e-content in the form of PPTs, PDFs and scanned documents.
  •  All the major departments of the college IT, Commerce, Fashion Designing, Economics, English, and Fine Arts have been enabled to conduct their various activities in the virtual mode.
  • The college is equipped with 5 smart classrooms wherein students are taught various contents related to their syllabus through multi-media. These smart classrooms are equipped with interactive boards, mimio pads, mimio pad pens, projectors, laptops, etc
  • ICT based administration is adopted in the institution to promote paperless culture.
  • CCTV cameras have been installed in the college to provide a safe and secure environment to students and to keep a check on any untoward incident by restricting the entry of the outsiders.
  • LCD televisions have also been installed at various places for recreation and information of the students.
  • The college has a virtual library. Students can use the browsing centre in the library and download e-material related to their curriculum. INFLIBNET System is operative in the library.
  • The college has introduced a course in T.V & Video Production.
  • The college has a dynamic website which is regularly updated with the latest information. By visiting this website, just at the click of the mouse students can access any information related to the college, its various departments, their achievements and events.
  • Bio-metric machine has been installed that helps in automation of attendance of the employees and can help in tracing the in and out time of employees and their total work duration.

Evidence of Success
Significant improvement can be noticed in the overall teaching-learning process and the functioning of the college by using ICT in teaching, documentations and data management.Problems Encountered and Resourced Required Slow speed of computers, signal problems in internet connectivity, online threats, data breach, load shedding, etc. are some of the problems faced by majority of the students and faculty.